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Ubuntu 7.10 + WINE vs. Windows XP

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    Originally posted by Noneus View Post
    I think testing for 3DMark isn't the right way to go. You should have tested games. Source games and probably other stuff. There are games that run great with wine and other don't.
    The last time I was able to play a HL2 based game was years ago with my nVidia GF FX 5600. Even Wine 0.9.47 won't let me play. Crashes at game startups (at the moment), blackscreen after map loading, Steam is not updating etc.... I've got all of that. If you're running fglrx and HL2 based games, I'd like to know what you've done for that.


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      I'm using crossover office and nvidia...


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        Could you please check 3dmark03 with wine-0.9.45?
        Im creator of
        As no one has verified the correctness of the bug Im looking for someone with 2 graphic cards

        When both cards reaches higher fps in wine .45, its probably a bug somewhere in wine.
        If only the 8600GT has higher speeds, its just another performance bug in the nvidia-driver.


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          Could you please check 3dmark03 with wine-0.9.45?/quote]

          Yeah, sure. It may take a couple days to get to it in my schedule, but will try to test it with WINE 0.9.45 ASAP.
          Michael Larabel


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            Wine > 9.45 has been making a lot of changes to how Direct3D is handled. They transfered from GLX to WGL (i.e. moving a lot of lower-level graphics routines into wine) to improve compatibility. Also, if you check the wine release docs, you'll see almost a hundred Direct3D changes in the combination of 9.46 and 9.47. The net result is a decrease in performance and a whole bunch of regression issues for (hopefully) some improved long-term compatibility and maintainability. If you check the 3DMark 2001 SE winhq database, I'm (tillin9 = Scott) the one making all the comments. At least with my 9700 Pro, these recent changes took a mostly working benchmark (some pixel shader things were unsupported, either by wine or the ATI driver) and broke it. Another big issue for running Windows games under wine is the OpenGL child issue, which prevents Project64 1.6 from working (despite a fix for this issue in 9.47) I'd actually appreciate it if an Nvidia user tried it (as this might be an ATI driver issue).

            Also won't hurt if anybody on the forums is a registered wine user to vote for these apps to increase developer attention.


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              As you compare native vs. emulator. perhaps it would be nice other comparatives as native windows (XP & Vista) vs. Xen, Virtual Box, and Wmware installations.

              And for a good an fair comparation as VB and Wm has windows and linux versions, compare
              winXP native vs winXP virtual in XP vs winXP virtual in Vista vs Linux virtual.

              And for further benchs a test only with opengl games and games with 2 versions as Id software titles.

              I've read that Xp runs faster virtuali than native (becouse of no need for antivirus programs).


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                Originally posted by mitcoes View Post
                I've read that Xp runs faster virtuali than native (becouse of no need for antivirus programs).
                That doesn't make sense... Windows can be messed up virtually or locally installed. The spread of the damage could be minimized when virtualized, but it still could be compromised.