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Ubuntu Announces Carrier Advisory Group

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    Originally posted by droste View Post
    It's volume based:
    For the first x GiB of downloads in the month you get full speed. After that your download speed gets throttled to a very low percentage of the full speed until next month.

    The reason for this are basically 2 simple ideas:
    1. Provide a more expensive contract with unlimited full speed (-> customer pays more)
    2. Offer a way for platforms/websites/content provider to pay the ISP to be excluded from the measured download volume (-> content provider pays the ISP)
    Which comes down to the simple idea:
    Get more money out of the same service we offer since years

    The reason why there's a protest is because the few ISPs we have had the same plan as the Telekom.
    In the US our Cell companies are doing something similar. I pay for 5GB of data per month at 6Mb/s. Once I exceed 5GB it throttles all the way back to 128Kb/s. A little faster than dialup, but not by much. On the other hand even if I exceed my bandwidth limit streaming movies from the netfix player still works just fine, so I assume netflix must have some kind of deal going on.


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      Originally posted by TheOne View Post
      I'm starving for firefox os and ubuntu touch to dominate markets :P Firefox os programming just involves html/css/javascript while ubuntu touch the all mighty C++ instead of bloated java or nasty objective-c syntax
      Yeah I agree. I'm also an android fan, in that I really enjoy using it since 4.0+ hit but I'm really excited for both Firefox OS/Ubuntu Touch and I hope they can improve on what we have now for phones. I'd love to be running an actual linux distro or well coded web apps.