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Ubuntu To Investigate Digital Rights Management

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    Netflix should adopt the HTML5 DRM very soon, since they were actually one of the main supporters of it.


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      K that was a fast heal from fedora.

      I kind of fixed in the morning today, the issue that is basicly a very big one that I could not log into fedora. OK Selinux problem. so deactivate it "fixes" that problem. Happy about it, play around with gnome 3.7.xx version!

      So far so good, I run into a issue with ssl handshake blabla in epiphany the only browser I have installed. To install chromium or chrome you would have to google around and find some magic magic lines of commands to get it installed. I did that sometime ago... forget about it not so importent at the moment.

      Ok what next, I want to make postfix working, nothing big (so though I), only a relayhost on my gmail-account. Rofl, the funny part I did setup the same yesterday under ubuntu. So I thought ok I have now practise in doing that ^^.

      I basicly copied some configuration files and tried to find some kind of documentation for fedora (that does not exist at all, I mean something like a good wiki like or, something near that quality does not exists) and if search around I only find centos dokus to 99%.

      So far so good, then I thought maybe host not found on (what I can perfectly ping to it) would have to do something with the ssl handshake error I did get in the browser. Ok search and search and search and search and search nothing usefull there, I get some help about how to setup ssl with apache or something like that, I DONT WANT TO INSTALL A REAL SERVER, I JUST WANT TO USE A EMAIL-CLIENT (kind of) AND A WEB BROWSER!!!!

      omg I never had such big issues (except maybe I let a harddisk fall onto the floor) in any ubuntu alpha, gentoo or debian unstalbe or everything else...

      If it would not be worse enough having such extreme bugs, fedoras docu is not existent (internet doku no /usr/share/how-to-kompile-the-kernel-to-install-the-worldwide-central-ssl-cert-server) or something like that.

      Fuck you fedora devs... on the paper fedora sounds cool, in reality it seems nobody uses it, else there would be some wikis. The docu of the small distribution Arch Linux their wiki is factor 1000 better what Redhat shits out in the world.

      Its like I said really really sad, if you want to use bleeding edge but dont want to use ubuntu, you are fucked or can compile everything by yourself...

      The only kind of ok Distro out there seems to be opensuse, (for desktop for multipurposes)

      I repeat it again, its sadly a fact that you dont have very good alternatives if you leave ubuntu, even as very experienced user, if you dont want to reinvent a wheel or search the internet for help for 10 hours to get a browser working...

      If you dont want bleeding edge yes there are some good alternatives, but if you want bleeding edge there is nothing that can beat ubuntu now. I find that really really sad...