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Fedora 18 Systemd Boot Performance Is Mixed

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    Originally posted by AnorexiasGrizzli View Post
    unfortunately i cant test right now, my hd6870 broke and im lazy to install legacy drivers for my current hd4670, i will receive my hd7870 in a week then i can report back with more info, altho i doubt its gnome-shell, ive installed lightdm and mate-desktop because i hate gnome3, and completely removed every gnome3 related package and altho my dm delay is somewhat solved, mate-desktop still takes ages to load
    So I found time to look at this again yesterday, and found that for me, the problem seems to be in nautilus, and appears to happen only when the network is down:

    Is your network down when booting the system? If so it could be the same thing; nautilus may be coming up in MATE.