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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    I am sure Unity is great for you, soccer moms, grandpa and other people who use a computer with just one application open namely the web browser, probably on Facebook.
    sorry to disapoint you, but
    1. i am using gnome shell not unity (though i sit from time to time at a unity desktop)
    2. i have no facebook account
    3. i use my pc for work, with multiple windows
    4. it works far better and FASTER than with a classic desktop, for me.

    But there are people who use their computers for multitasking, then Unity is not good.
    it may not be good for you. for me it is far better than classic desktops, though i strongly prefer gnome shell.

    in my opinion a task bar is one of the most stupiest inventions ever. it is counter productive!

    let me explain MY point of view:
    - it wastes a lot of space which the very most of time is never used for anything
    - because i work with many windows and i hate being slow i either
    --- use alt+tab or
    --- use [super] and at the same time am already moving my mouse cursor to the left for the tunning program icon on the left side (gnome shell).

    for what do i need a taskbar?

    i group my many running programs also on 2-4 desktops to which i move pretty fast via ctr+alt+ up / down or super + click.

    this works for my 10 times faster than anything i can do with a taskbar.

    considering that most of the time am actually working and am not hectic swithing the programs every 2 seconds i do not need a space wasting taskbar!
    actually i would even get rid of the smal (in my setup) very thin upper panel.

    of course, this is MY point of view. but claiming a desktop concept that YOU do not like is for nothing else good than using a single program fullscreen is not only ingorant, it is simply stupid!

    there are many ways to accomplish the same things. not all ways work as good for all people.

    there are many thing that in my opinion need strongly to improve on gnome shell, bu its idea, the concept is the FIRST relly efficiant usable desktop enviroment concept for me. unity is not so much different but it actually is to close to the clasical one and i also do not like the global menu bar (but it can be disabled), and even less compiz.


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      Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
      nah man, no pressing the keyboard, no keystrokes no shortcuts
      well, cut of your second had, and all but one finger on the remianing one. you aren't using them to improve your workflow anyway...

      you should be able to easily navigate and do stuff with just one hand on a touchpad
      i am. and i do if i am only surfing lazy the web. but when i am working "easily navigating with a taskbar" is too slow and annoying for me.
      you should be able to easily see what apps / windows whatever you have working
      oh my, if you do not know what apps you are running and using, then you really have other problems.

      beside of that, if i'm getting too old to remember such simple things i am still able to either easily press either [super] or just move/click at the upper left corner. though till now i do not rememver that i ever needed this to know what programs i started and am using to work >.>

      but your choice if you want to waste that space for searching a running program name on it and then clicking on it once in a while.


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        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        gnome3 had some major design flaws, unity tried to fix those flaws but made some other major ones.
        actually it is vice versa. unity is afraid of the conservative user base that it tried to conserve some of the bad classic ideas which people are refusing to give them a try.

        but even though i sounds as aggressive as "you" guys, i do not mean it like that. i know and can understand that for some people the classic way may be the better or more comfortable way. but i really do not understand how one can be so ignorant i think that this is for all the only way to go. only becuse YOU do not know how to profit from a gnome shell concept does not mean that none can!

        people seem to always think that their limits are the limits of all others.


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          Log into Unity and the first thing I notice is the jagged window corners.

          Seriously? You can't even disable compositing, and they still haven't fixed the window borders? Come on. What's the point of having Compiz puffing in the background if they're not even going to use it to make the desktop look good?


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            pray tell how can you possibly know what apps you have open just by looking at the screen in gnome 3.6 ?????

            YOU DON'T

            you have to alt tab or move the mouse to the upper left and wait.

            in unity... if you didn't decide to hide the left dock/taskbar... you can see the little marks on the icons.

            The superior design is of course combining the upper task bar with a dock

            no suprise then that the most downloaded and popular apps in the gnome 'store' are just that