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    Honestly the quality of quantal is something that would be expected from a beta.

    #1 installing nvidia binary drivers via software sources = fails silently and desktop does not show up anymore after reboot.

    #2 Needs config hacking if you only have one OS installed and you want to get to the grub menu.

    #3 the web apps in launcher (ubuntu one music, amazon) as first class citizens only work for firefox as default browser. With chromium they open up as separate chromium launcher icons.

    #4 the log viewer does nothing when launched from the dash. If launched from command line the timestamp color is same as the background color and cannot be changed.

    #5 The disk utility has lost much functionality, most notably all md raid capability and disk benchmarking feature. Also the UI design has regressed in my opinion. The text inside the boxes that show contents of disks is such color compared to background it is next to impossible to distinguish if not selecting it.

    #6 If disk encryption is chosen at install time, then the stock nouveau driver setup at boot result on my computer in monitor going to "no signal" and it only wakes to ask for decryption password after pressing any key. This is fixed once the binary driver is successfully installed.

    #7 Sometimes it says something like "attempting to kill remaining processes ... [FAILED]" just when i shut down. That does not sound good :[

    #8 The problem with gstreamer, present also in 12.04, that prevents most MP4 files from playing is still not fixed, even though the fix has been available for quite some time upstream.

    #9 Spring RTS, the most popular open source RTS, included in ubuntu repositories, still does not and never has worked correctly with unity. When window is maximized the titlebar is not removed as with all other windows. The game is not at fault since the same feature as a plugin for gnome-shell works flawlessly.

    These are the problems i have encountered on my first computer i have installed quantal to, that i can remember off the bat. I have read about many more issues, especially related to graphics glitches and i won't even mention the issues with llvm if no 3d acceleration is found.

    ps. my setup is as ordinary as it gets: c2d e8500 / gts250 / asus p5q motherboard and dvi monitor.

    To be fair i have to also say something positive here;

    + My bluetooth logitech dinovo edge keyboard/mouse now works out of the box without the need to change a config parameter in some file. In 11.04, 11.10 and 12.04 the live cd is unusable since the keyboard&mouse is not detected. Curiously it worked in 10.10 so this is only a regression fix though.
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      It seems the needed package containing the kernel header files for proprietary graphics drivers(and other modules) to compile the DKMS module(hope all terminology is right ) is not installed by default ..

      ************************************************** *******************

      ************************************************** *******************

      You probably need to install it, it should be "linux-headers-generic". If you have pae kernel or something it'd be "linux-headers-generic-pae".

      I think there's a button you can press during boot to get to grub too actually.