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GPU Driver Updates To Come Quicker To Ubuntu

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    Does this mean that people might finally start listening?

    To talks like this:

    Audio is here:

    Nvidia is delivering what their users need, and ubuntu is now finally realizing it. When will certain developers of open source graphics understand this too?


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      Originally posted by 9a3eedi View Post
      This is a step forward........... as long as they make sure that driver updates does not cause stuff to break.
      I guess bugs is should be expected from packages with name that include "experimental" word.


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        Originally posted by dh04000 View Post
        Considering my experience with gpu driver on ubuntu and windows, if the driver works, I stick with it. I mean stick with it for YEARS past when its been replaced by a new stable.

        For people whom need the newer version becuase they are missing support or a feature the explosion of linux games requires, this sounds like a good idea for those in need. I like it, good job working with Valve, Ubuntu! This will improve many users experiences with gpu drivers.
        thats one of the problems with closed source drivers. People tend to blame opensource developers for not supporting a closed source driver, while thats just impossible.... thats the problem people say linux is bad because the driver support is bad... nobody from hell would say, windows is bad because the driver xy is bad, then anybody would say this company which produced this crap hardware or driver is crap.

        So the reasonable point when installing a driver from nvidia and something goes wrong would be, ok nvidia sucks like hell, never ever will I buy from this c%%%ckscuckers any hardware... but yes linux is the wonderland from alice where reality is the oposite from itself...