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Compiz Being Re-Retired From Fedora

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    Well Compiz pioneered composited window managers.
    It have a plugin system so it is modular and configurable and able todo things other composited window managers can't do.
    Like the spinning cube!

    The bad thing about Compiz is that supposedly is poorly written and there is lots of code that needs to be refactored, improved and rewritten.
    KWin has it too, so wrong.


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      Originally posted by TheBlackCat View Post
      I could be completely wrong, but I thought one of the problems with compiz was that it didn't have a plugin system, all effects had to tap directly into the core of the compositor, which is a security and stability risk,

      There are other compositors that support cube rotation, kwin for one.
      I don't find anything that compiz can, but Kwin can't.


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        Originally posted by Super Jamie View Post
        Ah, I was not aware of that.

        Out of interest, what do you need vsync for?

        My main use is transparent terminals (and not making YouTube slow) which it's been great for.
        Without vsync if I use an xrender based compositer I get tearing on things like flash videos, which is very annoying. Video tearing can be worked around if you set your media player to use opengl output, but you can't do this with flash.

        BUT, I've finally found a way to use xrender without tearing! (at least on intel). If you have a recent intel driver you can enable these two options:

        Option "AccelMethod" "sna"
        Option "TearFree" "true"

        I can now use xfce's compositer with no tearing! No tearing dragging windows, no tearing scrolling, no tearing on any videos (including flash)! I'm quite happy I've finally found a solution for this I've been wanting to switch to XFCE, but the tearing always bothered me so much, and I have a lot of issues with compiz. Now everything works great.
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