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Ubuntu 12.10 Tries For Last Minute GRUB 2.00

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    Why doesn't Fedora use grub-mkconfig? You can simply tune the scripts installed into /etc/grub.d to match your needs. Btw. is gummiboot officially supported? The script that creates the loader entries seems to expect that /boot is mounted to the EFI partition (Debian/Ubuntu usually expects that /boot/efi is mounted there when grub-efi is used).
    I actually would kinda like us to, and if we started from scratch, we probably would. But for grub1, which had no mkconfig, we wrote grubby, which just takes the last kernel entry and copies it and adjusts it for the new kernel. So now we have it, and people are kinda reluctant to let it go. It *is* simpler and theoretically less likely to explode than mkconfig, which regens the whole thing from scratch each time. But personally, honestly, I'd like to just use mkconfig as upstream intends. Hey, I'm not the kernel packagers.


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      Originally posted by asdx
      So they are like, "We were wrong after all and we are going to switch to GRUB2 just a few days before the real release"?

      Pfft, no wonder that distro sucks for anything serious.
      Not really. Debian and Ubuntu have been using grub2 for quite a long time, longer than most distros. But they've been using 1.99 builds (older pre-releases of 2.00), even though 2.00-beta builds have been available for several months and the 2.00 final build since June. They're now aiming to bump from their older 1.99 build to a 2.00 final build.

      There's quite a lot of change from the 1.99 builds to the 2.00 builds, and those changes mean that a lot of the patches Debian/Ubuntu are carrying need updating, which I guess is why they didn't bump to 2.00 earlier.