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Canonical Touts Its New Microsoft Partnership

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    Well, another Linux distro heading the way of Suse

    Too bad Red Hat and now Ubuntu are leading the charge towards oblivion, same way Novel did! Shame!

    Oh well... Thank GOD there are a TON of other TRUE Linux distros out there. Stallman, in all his esoteric madness was quite right.... About a great many things!


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      Originally posted by ubuntufriend View Post
      It's headlines like these that make me happy I browse this site with AdBlock enabled.
      Yet another misleading, alarmist mess of an article. You don't deserve my page views.
      I'm happy as well. This site serves well when comes to informations about graphic stack and some Linux news, but on the other side it's full of shitty tabloid articles.


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        Originally posted by uid313 View Post
        It is a win/win for Ubuntu and Microsoft.

        For Canonical this is a win, because they signed a deal with one of the worlds biggest software companies.
        It lends them credibility and positions them as a major player in the enterprise Linux world. Before it was pretty much Red Hat (which are great btw!) you went to if you wanted enterprise Linux.
        tbh I think its suse who really done it right:

        you can make custom images as you please with susestudio and pop them on azure, now that I find pretty cool, make the image with the software you need for your specific task them let azure run it.