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Unity 2D To Go Away In Ubuntu 12.10

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    Long live XFCE! (Or Xubuntu for that matter).


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      LOOOOOOOL, you actually took that comment seriously? Dude, use your brain! I mean, did you really think developers are going "oh, we could port our DE now, but we aren't bothering because no nvidia blob"?

      Maybe this is a bit rude (then again, it's nothing compared to your colorful expressions towards the devs), but really, I can't help but just LOOOOOOL. Ah well, you're young, hopefully you'll learn.


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        Originally posted by russofris View Post

        We know you're capable of words with greater depth and less ambiguity than "good" and "bad". You might want to invest a larger portion of your time writing your articles. Here's an example of a 5 minute investment in that line:

        Not only did I avoid the words "good" and "bad", I correctly avoided the missing "is" in the second half of your sentence. I still fail, because I didn't take the time to remove the first instance of "to be/is". After reading my version, the reader is reminded of what LLVMPIPE is, that only 3D game performance is insufficient, and that the composited desktops need to be OpenGL accelerated for LLVMPIPE to come into play. Yes, writing is hard. It gets easier as you do more of it, it comes out better when you spend a couple minutes figuring out what you're trying to say.

        Asking from my own experience, have you considered an editor?

        You only added more words, no more content. The way as it is , is better.


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          So if they would have invested just a tiny little bit of manpower and contributed to LLVMPipe, they could have avoided development of Unity2D alltogether.

          However, contributing to other open-source projects would help competiting distributions too, so it seems Canocial tries to avoid it at any cost.