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ARM On Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Battling Intel x86?

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    Originally posted by atom01 View Post
    Not for fp math, but it might be used to speed up memory move/copy (by using 128-bit registers).
    That's true for Cortex-A8 but not for Cortex-A9, where using NEON to do memcpy doesn't bring any speedup. The reason is that Cortex-A8 has a special 128-bit path for NEON ld/st that A9 doesn't have. So no speedup it to be expected here.


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      Articles like this should also have power comparison graphs, not just saying "ARM wins" on that front, which doesn't really say much.


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        NEON should substantially increase performance on these benches

        Without knowing the details of the test suite (which indeed is a serious disadvantage), I would have to surmise that NEON wasn't enabled in the build. It's a real PITA to get NEON support but a real performance payoff if you have it. Note these posted benchmarks...


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          Originally posted by Zetbo View Post
          The situation with Android is ridiculous. I have HTC Desire and this is my first and probably last Android phone(unless the situation changes). It's rooted and running oxygen rom. I like it now, but I'm not going to buy a new one unless the manufacturer guarantees that they will support it atleast 2 years. These phones are so full of proprietary crap(graphics,radio,camera) that the rom-community have very hard time dealing with these things.
          This is also the case in laptops. I reinstall Windows 7 on my HP, but nothing works as expected, no shortcut keys, no bluetooth... Nvidia driver were easy to obtain, but drivers from HP were all named in obscure hex code. It is not different, if not even harder, from reinstalling a Debian, where I can even get a nice synaptics driver.

          Do not expect Win phones to fix these problems. Shame to those hardware producers.

          Those hardware manufacturers should follow an existing open standard or at least open their API. That would make life of both Linux and Windows easier.