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What Do You Dislike or Hate About Ubuntu?

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  • Originally posted by Xemanth View Post
    I so hate Unity desktop, it makes me feel to go back to KDE-platform. We use Ubuntu in our company but I do not feel anymore we should continue. Unity is so unmature it makes my heart bleed. 'Fallback' mode is much more better to use.

    sudo apt-get install gnome
    --> fill in password
    --> wait for the installation to finish
    --> reboot
    --> pick Gnome in the session manager
    --> login

    Was that so hard?

    I really wish those people resisting change would stop making a big fuss out of it. It's not like this is Windows where you can't choose.


    • Current Ubuntu has gone (almost) too far towards supporting only single user machines. Many design choices break with multiple users. For example, the fact that you can only remove indicators by uninstalling the package. This is also user-unfriendly, but that's fine by me for more advanced configuration. Font size OTOH is not advanced.


      • I'm professional user / some sort of linux geek, not most hardcore geek whatsoever, but still I'm compiling kernel myself, using bfq, bfs, toi, making patches/creating packages, coding and a lot of other things...
        I use linux at LARGE corporate environment (where MS is present at 96% of time), mostly using Oracle. I fucking hate current linux desktop wars/concurrency, really, gnome2 was great in terms of functionality and evolution, but it lacked GUI polish, gnome3 concept seems to be fine, except functionality is shit for a desktop and desktop workflow, KDE is great when I want functionality, it's great when I don't want that at all as well (default settings), but there are stupid bugs / inconsistencies with evolution/KIO/gvfs/... stuff, really, KDE could become most greatest stuff for me, if not those things. I need working desktop and corporate shit.
        And it seems Unity could become one, because it's not that damned stupid like gnome3, it has more features I like. Most stupidest what I dislike about g3 is workspaces on demand, this is driving me crazy... I set up my work like this: new workspace for new project, so I have like 5 dekstops, 1 - common, 2,3,4 - projects, 5 my personal crap, and in g3 I can't accomplish that easily, I have to open at least one app, stupid notification thing is another pain...
        It seems that gnome3 is designed for hipsters, KDE is really great but it lacks collaboration with apps i need (otherwise it's great), Unity seems to be the way I'll go when I'll be fed up with maintaining my Arch gnome2 shit myself
        So in the end, it seems that unity could suite me best of 3 available, I could never thought I could come back to Ubuntu...

        P.S. Sorry for harsh words (I have loads of them actually about linux desktop), but I see future in this


        • Originally posted by MaestroMaus View Post
          Was that so hard?
          As I understand it, 11.10 only has Gnome 3, which is at least as poorly designed as Unity. The choice for desktop users is to live with a crappy tablet/netbook UI, switch to the bloated shininess of KDE, or drop back to LXDE or XFCE which lack many of the features that made Gnome 2 so popular.

          I really wish those people resisting change would stop making a big fuss out of it. It's not like this is Windows where you can't choose.
          I wish people who want change for its own sake would stop expecting everyone else to give up their working systems in pursuit of the True Shiny.

          And I wish that UI developers would stop trying to turn desktop UIs into tablet UIs; indeed, I wish they would stop trying to have a 'one size fits all' UI when there's clearly a massive difference between a two inch phone screen and a multi-monitor desktop with 24"+ screens.

          11.04 is probably where my time with Ubuntu ends. Hopefully someone's making a distro which is actually designed for desktop users and not tablets.


          • I just dislike Ubuntu because it is a horrible way of implementing packages. Hard to tell what server they came from. Some packages are so tightly packed that some can not be easily be remove with out causing chaos. For example the nauvou module is installed and removing that removes everything else. This module is experimental and I would not use it in my Gentoo installs, but people think it is great that is freaking open source. I will highly appreciate that Ubuntu and other Ubuntu distribution likes use the nv module instead of nauvou. I have used the nv module for several years and it functions correctly. It does not get in the way of the nvidia module. Sure the nv module does not have support for OpenGL, but who cares when it JUST works.

            Why does everybody have to care so much of eye candy crap when it does not work 99% of the time. The 1% is time it is cool, but people need to grow up and stop using eye candy because it makes Linux to not function.

            Why does Ubuntu feel like a bad web design when trying to use it because the scroll bars are pain in the ass to use.

            Ubuntu is not feasible to configure from the command line. Sure this could be a Debian issue, but if the GUI does not work. Where do you refer to when trying to fix something. In Gentoo, the configs are placed in a logical location.

            Ubuntu security is pathetic. The user password is used for everything. Sure the root password is scrambled, but only requiring the user password is a security risk. Regular users's are known to leak their passwords. I doubt sudo and "su -" set for only physical access.

            I have several more to complain about that I can post pages.