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    Originally posted by PsynoKhi0 View Post
    My understanding is that the patch smoothes out things that are CPU bound, so I/O bottlenecks aren't touched, one might even say they become all the more appearent.
    You can basically think of it as automatically lowering the priority of tasks running in the console, which leaves more priority left over for other tasks - such as your desktop environment and X. It's really quite limited in terms of what it affects, but if you are being hurt by this it can make for a big improvement.


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      Some release day numbers

      openSUSE's newsletter revealed some download numbers for release day.

      Shameless quoted details:

      The numbers
      But the above is all talk (and party). What counts are the numbers – and they are big. To
      just talk about the number of downloads via we’ve almost doubled the numbers of downloads in the first 24
      hours compared to our previous 11.3
      ! Well over 90.000 downloads from our website with another 12 thousand via
      Bittorrent in one day is quite impressive.
      Not perfectly accurate, but…
      Since each mirror site uses different ways of measuring, we cannot give an 100% reliable
      number of total downloads of openSUSE 11.4 but we can point out some numbers and give examples
      from our more than 80 mirrors. The Hungary mirror at reported 220 GB distributed using http and
      additionally 400 GB via torrents. The American mirror at had 460 GB on Thursday. The Swiss
      distributed 1329 GB of data and the German
      mirrors from rwth-aachen
      distributed at peak time 5 gbit/sec and additionally 60
      MB/sec of torrent data.
      SUSE Studio offers another great way of
      getting a openSUSE 11.4 image – and well over 1000 people have already used this.
      A total of 90844 requests for ISOs were reached via our download redirector at during the first 24 hours, a nice bump compared to 49599 for openSUSE
      11.3! Note that we can not count who accessed a mirror directly instead of using the
      redirector on, so
      there are more downloads than that. Moreover, we have been emphasizing the possibility of
      upgrading openSUSE 11.3 over the web
      instead of by downloading an ISO and these are not tracked either.
      However, you’ll be able to find openSUSE 11.4 statistics soon on the Statistics page. There we track how many
      unique IP addresses regularly update from our servers – a reasonably reliable way of knowing
      how many users we have. Of course those on a NAT or internal deployments as well as those who
      don’t upgrade via our servers are not counted and those with a dynamic IP might be counted a
      few times so take the numbers with a grain of salt as well.
      Distribution and torrents
      These are the number of downloads split over the different media:
      • NonOss Addon CD BiArch: 3926
      • 32-bit x86: 49845 (total)
        • Net 2863
        • DVD 28437
        • GNOME-LiveCD 6127
        • KDE-LiveCD 6997
        • Addon-Lang 5421
      • 64-bit x86-64: 37073 (total)
        • Net 2102
        • DVD 23746
        • GNOME-LiveCD 2837
        • KDE-LiveCD 5732
        • Addon-Lang 2656

      Our main distribution download page
      usually gets 17000 visits a day, on the launch day we had 63000.
      Torrents worked really well for this release thanks to the many seeders, several folks
      reported that they could download torrents with the full capacity of their connection. The
      largest number of seeders was for the x86-64 DVD with 1076 followed by 959 for the i586 DVD.
      The tracker counted 12596 complete downloads via bittorrent during the first 24 hours,


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        Originally posted by deanjo View Post
        Yup, their KDE 4.6.0 for example is essentially 4.6.1. They backported all the patches from 4.6.1 AFIK.
        Indeed that seems to be the case. the infamous virtuoso-t process now indexes my files using 1% of one core, which is something that is only found in 4.6.1. Initially that process used up 100% of one core, but as someone said on the "kde sc 4.6.1 released" thread, that was just the conversion process to the new database format.


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          Does anyone try 11.4 in a virtual environment? I might be interested in trying OpenSUSE 11.4 in Virtualbox. How much space would one need?

          Alternatively, I have one spare partition but not sure what I'm doing with it, yet.

          I am not familiar with OpenSUSE so I'd rather mess around with it first. My experience is with Debian based.


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            Works fine in a vm however it of course won't give an accurate indicator for performance. I would recommend first trying one of the "live" iso's instead of a vm if you want to take it for a testdrive.


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              Originally posted by Panix View Post
              Does anyone try 11.4 in a virtual environment? I might be interested in trying OpenSUSE 11.4 in Virtualbox. How much space would one need?
              OpenSUSE liveCDs come with the virtualbox guest additions already installed, so you'll get 3D acceleration (if you enable it) and display resizing out of the box. In regards to space a typical instalation will require about 3GB. The default instalation is 2.8GB IIRC.


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                I had to give this one up.
                I couldn't get it to boot up when installed on an external harddisk, even though I installed the bootloader to the harddisks root partition.
                It would boot up grub, but grub was not able to find the root partition


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                  Now that fglrx officially supports openSUSE 11.4 I finally took the plunge.

                  Overall impression: very sleek.

                  No more trailing with fglrx' 2D acceleration (I suppose it's thanks to the famous 200 lines patch?)

                  But: still haven't been able to make my microphone work. I've removed .asoundrc, .pulse/, and the kmix settings which had carried over from 11.3, installed pavucontrol, though there is just no input from the microphone.