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As A Feature, Fedora 14 May Actually Ship On Time

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    I see. I guess I should have obtained more knowledge before posting =x


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      Nah, posting is fine, just maybe ask questions rather than making statements


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        Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
        The very company that you work for took Fedora 12 to make RHEL 6.0 that's released just days ago and you tell me that what's released today is the 'right quality'? And then you want to put more pressure on the release?

        I just updated the very Fedora install that I'm posting this from and I get more updates on almost a daily basis than the hack and slash Ubuntu with their blended Linux kernels and X version.

        You've got to be kidding me!
        You can check the Fedora release criteria here:

        you can read the logs of all the meetings for F12 and F13 where we worked on resolving release critical issues, and made the decisions about whether to ship or delay releases, in public too; they're all at somewhere. If you're really interested I'll dig out the exact links for you.

        Yes, Fedora is a faster moving and more experimental distribution than RHEL. This means it gets more updates (as someone else pointed out, most of these are new releases and feature updates, not necessarily bug fixes for things we should have fixed before releasing), and we do set a looser quality standard for it than RH QA does for RHEL. But we certainly intend to ensure that it's entirely usable as a day-to-day desktop distribution.

        As another poster pointed out, RHEL releases are not built off any single Fedora base. The RHEL 6 process has also been going on for a long time, even if public betas only just started going out; we've certainly had people working towards RHEL 6 since well before F13 was out. You can't really assume 'RHEL X is based on Fedora Y hence even RH says Fedora Y+1 sucks!', it just doesn't work that way.