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From Dapper To Lucid, Four Years Of Ubuntu Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by movieman View Post
    I'd say there are better reasons than that not to use Ubuntu for any kind of serious server; it's fine for a home NAS and the like, but IMHO it's far too 'bleeding edge' for a server which has to be reliable and secure 24/7.
    Well, I use Ubuntu for the server I administer since version 7.10 and it has always been very reliable (well, except when I had to use experimental git code and -rc kernels to get what I wanted, but that's not Ubuntu's fault). Given these results, I think I'll keep ext3 (over lvm over raid1) until btrfs is stable.


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      Originally posted by talvik View Post
      How am I supposed to choose Ubuntu for servers with such big regressions in server apps(Apache and PostgreSQL)?
      Well, maybe just start by installing the Ubuntu Server Edition instead of the Desktop Edition? What the benchmark has told me so far is, that the desktop crew did a extraordinary job (I do not run a production mode HTTP server on my desktop, just my development environment.. and with that I do not need thousands of request per second).

      The Server Edition has a specially optimized kernel for server usage. The desktop edition ain't. You know, that's why it's called desktop edition.


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        Originally posted by Shining Arcanine View Post
        It tests performance under ideal conditions, assuming that Apache Bench is not running on the same system that is being tested.
        I don't think so...
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          Launchpad bug report: