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Moblin 2.1 IVI FC Released With New Intel Driver

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  • Moblin 2.1 IVI FC Released With New Intel Driver

    Phoronix: Moblin 2.1 IVI FC Released With New Intel Driver

    While Moblin 2.1 was released in early November, today at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Intel Corp just putout the Moblin 2.1 IVI FC release. Moblin 2.1 IVI FC marks this as being the "feature complete" version in this release series...

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    Apart from the gfx drivers, what's inthat FC release compared to a stock Moblin 2.1 ?


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      Maybe we can see some benchmarks this GMA3150 compared to old intel GFX chip any time soon?


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        Howto boot the image with vesa (or other supported driver):

        Add 3 as boot option, login as root (pw: moblin), then

        rm -f /etc/X11/xorg.conf
        init 5

        done. The xorg.conf is preconfigured with 2 screens 1024x768 and 800x480 and iegd driver, very unlikely that this will be correct on normal netbooks/nettops with gma 500. It does use the old gui not the new one btw.
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          Is the IEGD driver somehow new to the Phoronix staff? I've been using it for several weeks on US15W hardware and its been out much longer than that.

          10.2.2 was released on nov 18th, so there I can say with great certainty that it contains no gallium3d goodness.


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            Can you show me


            with iegd?


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              what is vainfo?


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                what IVI is

                Originally posted by Xavier View Post
                Apart from the gfx drivers, what's inthat FC release compared to a stock Moblin 2.1 ?
                IVI stands for "In Vehicle Infotainment"; so "stuff for in cars" in english.
                The Moblin IVI builds and releases aren't for netbooks, but for in-car computers.

                Car manufacturers normally put their own user experience on such devices, so there is no "real" moblin UI for these builds, but just a basic placeholder embedded IVI developers can use to verify their hardware etc...


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                  iegd? So thats where it was hiding! Anyone got this running under Debian or Arch yet?

                  Here are the juicy bits on iegd from the intel site:

                  Multiple-display support

                  Dual independent display ("extended mode") available when supported by the hardware
                  Twin mode (same display timings to two displays) is supported on hardware with a single video pipe
                  Dual video pipe systems enabled to drive more than two displays, using twin mode on each video pipe

                  2D acceleration

                  Improved performance of applications which take advantage of OS acceleration APIs, including X11 XAA interface, or Microsoft DirectDraw* interface

                  OpenGL for Linux

                  OpenGL on supported 2.6 kernel Linux distributions for advanced 3D graphics acceleration on dual independent displays
                  OpenGL ES 1.1 supported on the Intel® System Controller Hub US15W
                  Open GL 2.0 supported on Intel® System Controller Hub US15W on Linux*, Microsoft Windows XP*, Microsoft Windows XP Embedded* and Microsoft Windows CE*; on , Intel® Q45 Express Chipset, Intel® Q35 Express Chipset on Linux*


                  Lower-resolution modes can be displayed full screen with configurations that support upscaling (example: internal LVDS, and Chrontel* CH7308*)

                  Hardware video decode acceleration support (Intel® System Controller Hub US15W only)

                  Relieves decode burden from the processor, and reduces power consumption of the system MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264 and VC-1 formats supported in Wind River Linux,* Red Hat Embedded Linux* and Red Flag Linux* via VA-API

                  Anti - Aliasing (Intel® System Controller Hub US15W Only)

                  Minimizes distortion when displaying high-resolution video at lower resolutions. Supported on Linux*, Microsoft Windows XP*, Microsoft Windows CE*

                  No mention of hardware accelerated encoding as was hinted at in a previous phoronix article that I've seen, but I've not tried this out yet.
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                    Originally posted by danboid View Post
                    No mention of hardware accelerated encoding as was hinted at in a previous phoronix article that I've seen, but I've not tried this out yet.
                    This will be available when you can actually find Moorestown platforms, which are yet to be sighted... Hopefully they will emerge in a few hours at CES? Or are they drowned under all Tegra2 products? :-(


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                      Do you expect flash with vdpau support for the new google toy which most likely will use tegra?


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                        What new Google toy? The Nexus One smartphone is using a Snapdragon SoC, which includes an ATI GPU. Tegra products were a terrible failure and only based on Windows. Tegra2 products should be better as the SoC contains a Cortex A8 CPU core and G9x NVIDIA GPU, it seems.


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                          The google netbook/smartbook with tegra 2 which will (most likely) come this year.



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                            Nothing new

                            Just to support RussDill - he is correct. There is nothing new about this driver. The IEGD driver has been available from Intel's IEGD space (as linked in his post) for over a year, and this version of the driver has been out nearly two months. It's got nothing to do with Gallium3D. Functionally it's slightly different from the psb driver. Olivier Blin at Mandriva tells me that it supports the Moblin UI (which psb doesn't). However, it only supports one of the two variants of the GMA 500 - it does not support the US15L. Like psb, the IEGD driver does not support X server 1.7.

                            It'd be good if you could update the article to not sound so excited.


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                              This IEDG shit not works for me. Corrupted screen with fuckin corrupted animation... Atom Z520 and US15W