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A Brief Look At Yoper 2009

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    Originally posted by Apopas View Post
    Better your words than your woman
    Happy to share any of my Gentoo .


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      The second-to-last time I did a Gentoo install (on my just-wiped-clean Thinkpad), I did it from a Kubuntu livecd. The last time I did a Gentoo install, it was soon after I assembled my new tower and had planned from the start for it to multi-boot. I actually performed the install from my openSUSE installation.

      So, yeah, the so-called Gentoo "releases" are meaningless. Not only are they unnecessary, but you'll likely want to recompile everything installed from the snapshot anyway. I mean, if you're not going to make use of the GCC optimizations and USE-flags, why are you using a source-based distro in the first place?


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        this should serve as the best proof that gentoo does not need to resurrect itself :

        ( youtube copy : )


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          Wait did I click the wrong link... Just because there was a blurb about Gentoo doesn't mean everyone needs to keep saying "Wow, Gentoo isn't dead!"

          On topic I used(tried) Yoper in 2004 and it was also ugly back then. So nothing has really changed. The only difference is that Yoper used a lot of red back then so it kinda hurt my eyes.


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            I think it's normal to point out the mistake. Besides, it's not the first time when FUD about Gentoo has been posted on Phoronix.


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              i hate is 4 cocksuckers!

              YOPER the best distro!!