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Gentoo Will Celebrate 10th Birthday With LiveDVD

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    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    Well, a nice live CD/DVD with recent software on it is always useful. True, Gentoo is designed to be installed from a chroot of every other distro you can imagine, but still, having a Gentoo-based live CD is preferable, especially for recovery purposes. It's just quicker, as Gentoo's tools come with the CD.

    As for the benefits of Gentoo, I know of no other distros (maybe with the exception of Arch) that will allow you to apply various patches to the software you install with such ease. It always makes me grin when I read those Ubuntu forums and see people crying out "how to apply this patch, plz plz plz tell me" and then there's someone with a huge "do it yourself" guide, describing how to get the deb source, streamline the patch into it, recreate the deb specs, etc. With Gentoo, all I need is 2 or 3 lines in a file in /etc and the package manager will apply the patch automatically I just love that
    Indeed, but still with Gentoo is much easier than with Arch or evry other distro to tune your system in maximum and also, to have absolute control over the software you install.