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Boxee: A New Competitor For MythTV?

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    If it's a XBMC that can download and manage my podcasts I've died and gone to heaven. I know the big hook is supposed to be the online community aspect but XMBC + Podcasts is all I want in life


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      Yes there are Podcast/Videocast addons for XBMC (which could easily be added by yourself to Boxee as well).

      Both XBMC and Boxee supports python scripts and python plugins (note that a script and a plugin is not the same thing even though they are both python based).

      You can make a python script for anything and make it look like anything (no restrictions but your own python scripting skills), and you can make a python plugin for any audio/video download website or internet streaming source as long as it is not DRM protected. Plugins are not as flexible as scripts but they are instream much easier to write as you do not need to write the GUI part, all you write is the grabbing and parsing of the audio/video streams to present that list to XBMC/Boxee which it displays using its built-in listings functions.


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        *Casts raise undead thread through Necromancy*

        The latest release is pretty good, but the internet streaming videos added are utterly useless if you don't live in the US.

        I've always wanted that, but oh well. You can't have everything.