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Cedega 6.1 Beta Released

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    second thing i dislike about cedega is that if there is an old game you like, it's more than likely that new version of cedega will break it, instead of maintaining support for it.

    cedega developers only pay attention to the games that are most requested by the subscribers, and don't really care about less popular games, even though they might expose bugs in their code. things that worked with cedega 4.x might not work with 5.x/6.x.

    wine on the other hand tries to make progress on all fronts, to mirror windows behavior as much as possible, across apps designed for different versions of the system.

    wine devs/users do regression tests, there is much care put into making sure older programs some people use also work.

    it sucks that transgaming still can legally import wine's code into their product (because x11 aka mit licence allows for lgpl, and wine is quite modular). one thing that really made me laugh was this comment from wine newsletter : Benchmarks
    I have been pondering the thoughts of running every benchmark that I have on Wine, Cedega, XP, and CX to see where we stack up in the performance game.

    And while doing my daily reading of news sites I came across this posted on /.

    Those guys ran 5 game tests and Wine's performance is clearly superior to that of Cedega on benchmarks where Wine was run. They give no details of the Wine configuration, so I can only presume it's a default setup. And since they're *trying* to paint the best picture possible for Cedega, they don't point out that Wine is superior!

    "It is also important to note that there were minimal performance differences between WINE 0.9.32 and Cedega 6.0. Granted there are only five benchmarks in this Cedega 6.0 performance preview, but the level of performance for Cedega does look extremely promising and we will continue to look at Cedega 6.0 and report back in future articles."

    Should read : Cedega's performance is currently lagging that of Wine 0.9.32 and with each Wine release Wine's performance and feature set is continuously improving!

    I'm open for thoughts and suggestions....
    which actually made me think about how much thruth is there in phoronix reviews. maybe they are all sponsored publications, where stating the uncomfortable truth (for the proprietary product vendor) is uneasy?
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