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Debian Installer Jessie Alpha 1 Released

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    You are probably right about reducing the freeze period but there is one thing that could create some problems.
    I mean during that period most of the dev must be available at the same time(more or less). This could be hard in shorter period.

    The idea of more automated tests is probably good too.

    If you read the newsletter you'll see that many new dev are accepted in the project regularely. I guess with time there will be more experienced Debian dev (with "more power") and the global progression will increased. The result will certainly "force" the project to make changes (adaptations) in the development cycle.

    Anyway, be Debian with you!



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      I think their key idea was evenly spreading the load from the period of freeze itself to the constant keeping of packages in close to releasable state. I.e. working gradually rather than accumulating tons of bugs and rushing to fix them in a crazy sprint before the release. I'm not sure how easy that can be to achieve, but that was the proposal. So if Debian testing is always well maintained in close to releasable state, freeze period becomes virtually non existent or at least reasonably short.
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