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    Originally posted by danwood76 View Post
    Mainstream Windows has been NT based since windows 2000......
    That was the case for enterprise systems (workstation and server).
    Home users only got the NT treat one iteration later, under the form of Windows XP Home. That's the point when NT really got mainstream.
    Meanwhile, back at the time of windows 2000, instead of having an NT-based OS, home users had... gasp... Windows ME. Ouch!
    And then one wonder why the sudden rush to Windows XP...


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      Originally posted by nils_ View Post
      Struggling? Hardly. It's still a very profitable company, even with the many failed products.
      You could have said the same about SGI, even into the NT era.

      My computing purchases from 1997 (when I bought my first PC) to 2007 were:

      1. Windows, dual-booting Linux.
      2. Windows
      3. Windows
      4. Windows

      My computing purchases from 2008 to today have been:

      1. Linux
      2. Linux
      3. Windows, replaced by Linux
      4. Windows, replaced by Linux
      5. Linux
      6. Linux
      7. Android
      8. Windows
      9. Android
      10. IOS

      I think that says enough about where Windows is going. The Windows 7 PC is by far the most powerful in the house, but it only gets booted when I have an hour free to play games.