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    Originally posted by e8hffff View Post
    Maybe XBMC team can consider integrating a version into SteamOS so it's not a case of compete, but bolstering both.
    IMO the other way around sounds more logical : integrating Steam big picture mode into, say, OpenElec.


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      Originally posted by Temar View Post
      The only thing I'm really missing is a builtin web browser which can be controlled with a IR remote. Maybe similar to how the Google G1 did it.

      I know you can launch external browsers but they are a pita to control and they are not ment to be used from a few metres away (font size, menus, ...).
      While I agree that an integrated browser designed for TV use would be nice, looking at the quality of other XBMC I think that just isn't going to happen.

      On my HTPC I run an xsession with Ratpoison as windowmanager (runs every app fullscreen without borders) and I made a script that changes resolution into 720p before stopping XBMC and running Google Chrome which I control with my 2.4GHz wireless keyboard. Create a launcher for it in AdvancedLauncher, add Chrome to favorites, create a submenu in Ace skin, add a nice 1080p Chrome backdrop and you're done. Fonts are nice and crisp, control is easy and starting the browser is seamless in XBMC. Takes some setup but the way I see it a proper browser will beat any attempt at an integrated one anyway.


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        Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
        I remember trying VDR and had problems, but I can't remember what they were. Does it have a UI or is it command based? Also my only hardware mpeg2 capture card is in my Windows machine, and I know a lot of software doesn't like software mpeg2 devices, which is what I have in my Linux machine right now.
        well, there are frontends for vdr and there is even a config ui accessable from within xbmc. but there is actually no need for one. there is nothing or at most only a few things that might need to be tweaked individually. vdr works fine with software and hardware mpeg2 devices, as far as i know.

        installing vdr is just a matter of installing the packages, answering a few questions during install, getting a channels.conf (use google for your satalites) and that's it...

        vdr checks on its own for new channels while you can disable this in the setup.conf or via the gui in xbmc. i prefere ordering my channels.conf but one can configure channel groups and orders within xbmc and if you wish you can enforce vdr to apply them to its channels.conf. i personally do not tocuh any kind of ordering and grouping within xbmc and have sorted my channels.conf manually. the reason is that i am always running experimentel xbmc and that might brake things from time to time. reconfiguring my channels and groups from a gui takes too long for me while the sort order in the text file remains

        EDIT: oh an as far as i know it also supports CI cards.

        two years back i tested tvheadend and it was quite nice. can't remember why i went back to vdr but i had some issues. i think time shift wasn't working. now i tried tvheadend again 2 months back or so and i couldn't get it working with xbmc. the tvheadend xbmc plugin was crashing xbmc 80% of the time. vdr is still the only backend i saw that works flawless and with all features.
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          Originally posted by arokh View Post
          Takes some setup but the way I see it a proper browser will beat any attempt at an integrated one anyway.
          I disagree, anything that needs a keyboard is just a bad solution for a HTPC and also has a WAF which is close to zero.

          I only need the browser for video portals which do not have a XBMC plugin and/or which require the silverlight plugin. So I really do not need to type very often. But when I do, I don't want to use a hardware keyboard. I also do not plan on using that browser for normal surfing, I have a tablet for that. It's just required for video portals which falls into the domain of XBMC.

          It's really a pitty that XBMC ignores the web and that will be the one thing which will turn me away from XBMC. As soon as someone develops a usable Android Media Center, I will be the first to switch. Android Apps are perfect for TVs as they already use large widgets and you can find apps for pretty much every media portal out there. If someone manages to develop a proper IR-remote interface for Android, it's "good bye XBMC" for me.


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            Building WebKit into XBMC is on the list of things to do, but as they say in open source... "patches welcome". Unfortunately there is a longer list of things to do than developers.