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Using KWin To Power Other Non-KDE Linux Desktops

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    Originally posted by Vim_User View Post
    i3 supports floating windows (so it can be used as conventional WM, though that doesn't make much sense), events are indeed limited by default to "window opens", but this can be extended, AFAIK. I never noticed lag, even with complicated configurations.

    Anyways, i3 was just an example, because that is the WM I know best. I doubt that there aren't WMs with the same capabilities in the stacking WM croud.
    My point is that it doesn't have close to all the capabilities of kwin, even ignoring all the compositing-related stuff (which again will be a requirement on wayland). kwin is "heavier" because it does a lot more, is much more flexible, is much more extensible, and the stuff that is i3 also has is much easier to handle in kwin (for example a gui for handling window-specific rules, the ability to download scripts for you off the web, or scripts being through a real API rather than relying on special-purpose IPC and bash). And those capabilities are exactly why someone would want to use kwin.

    Now if you could point out a window manager that actually has the same capabilities as kwin but is lighter-weight than your argument would be valid, someone would probably want to use that over kwin. But i3 is not it, and a stacking window manager with the same capabilities as i3 would also not be it even it existed.