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Google Web Designer Comes To Push Along HTML5

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    Originally posted by jntesteves View Post
    Simply put: All WYSIWYG HTML editors are crap.
    BlueGriffon is far from crap although a bit buggy.


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      Googles html5-support is quite weird. Some years ago they made a great fuss about webm and html5, but their own videosite still only shows some of its content via their html5 player, either webm or h264. They haven't even bothered adding a reasonable message, just a standard "flash player needed". I guess it's the add-supported content that don't work, but it's been years! I can't be that hard for them to fix add-support, it can't really be drm or ad-circumvention either as "youtube-dl" and similar tools already works with the flash-player-only-content today. Google is a big company, but youtube is the damn poster-child for web-video.

      If you gonna push something, you can't ignore it all together yourself. Vimeo has have a ok-ish html5-player all along. I'm all for a plugin-free web, I haven't had a flash-plugin on my private computers in 10 years, but this is ridiculous.


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        Anyone tried it in Wine?

        Without Linux support I might move away from Android/Google for future p* me off.