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    Originally posted by brosis View Post
    Correct me, if wrong, but thats 8bpp per channel - 24/32bit colorspace. Its same, what most graphics (non-RAW) formats support and most scanners are capable of. I agree, that's not *professional* grade, but its definitely not a show stopper or "no-go".
    A LOT of people cite the 8-bit problem but very FEW understand it.
    Only color transformations will suffer from low-precision rounding aberrations. Like excessive use of levels/curves and overlays.
    I do use GIMP for professional printing, you just need to know how you can use it now, and what you can't do on 8-bit integer precision. GIMP doesn't do all (Adobe also doesn't), but associated with other free software available on Linux today, they do offer a professional workflow for graphics designers.