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LXDE Desktop Being Ported To Qt

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  • Originally posted by makomk View Post
    I'm pretty sure that's not true of widget theming, which pretty much every desktop environment seems to do - in fact, supposedly even within 3.x new versions often break themes developed for older GTK 3 versions. There's probably other stuff that normal applications don't have to do that's broken from 2.x to 3.x too. Worse still, this appears to be intentional - the GTK developers have said they don't care about non-GNOME consumers of GTK.
    Ok, fine... widget theming. Do you really think that when someone is talking about the difficulty of porting an application from gtk 2.x to 3.x and the associated API breaks, he's talking about widget theming?


    • Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
      Phoronix is no LXDE feedback forum.

      Then don’t use them…



      I don't, but the point is they get 90% of the KDE developer resources, which is a good reason why LXDE and Razor even came to be.

      You obviously have no clue what Plasma even is.
      > Yes it is something that takes up lots of CPU resources and provides what are for me rather useless apps.

      LXDE is for desktops, not embedded.
      > But maybe to grab traction they ought to go for something they really can conquer. It taks a lot of resources to do a fully blown Desktop OS. So many things today have HMI why not go there is my suggestion. After all even KDE seems to be focused on mobile now a days.

      Qtopia was for phones, LXDE is not and never has been.
      The QtMoko project is maintaining a fork of Qtopia.

      > No Qtopia was developed originally for PDA's and embedded systems, latter it migrated to phones, but not a single Qtopia phone ever shipped (Except the Green Phone). QtMoko looks to be for phones

      Those companies can pay to develop this then.

      > Perhaps big companies might throw some resources behind LXDE if there was something there. Is there really anything wrong with having a few commercial cutomers behind LXDE


      • Originally posted by DarkCloud View Post
        the point is they get 90% of the KDE developer resources
        That's an outright lie. Only a handful of devs develop those features and these devs are not involved anywhere else.

        Originally posted by DarkCloud View Post
        which is a good reason why LXDE and Razor even came to be
        Another wrong statement by you: LXDE predates those technologies.

        Originally posted by DarkCloud View Post
        Yes it is something that takes up lots of CPU resources and provides what are for me rather useless apps.
        You just proved that you don't know at all what Plasma is.
        Plasma is just a small (3MB) library that adds a few UI features to Qt to allow modular GUI creation.

        Originally posted by DarkCloud View Post
        After all even KDE seems to be focused on mobile now a days.

        PS: Even your inability to quote proves how clueless you are…


        • Originally posted by mrugiero View Post
          I didn't mean few people is concerned, but pissed. I think a lot of people, including myself, believe that from the very basics a state can't hide laws (the congress approved such thing, wtf?) from their people, since this wouldn't be a real representation: "how can I know I share someone's views in a subject if that person doesn't talk about it and I'm not even aware of the issue?", and also the whole spying on their citizens and non citizens thing (which is a layer up this) is too much, is kind of one of the arguments USA gave to be against communism: you are not free, and there is a police state that knows your every move (which isn't really true for the theory, but for the implementations we've seen). It's at least hypocrisy to then use the same methods "to protect us" (well, not actually "us", I'm from another country). But I interpret being pissed off as actually trying to do something against it. Not necessarily protesting, but for example migrating from Windows, or plainly quitting computers for the sake of privacy. This, I didn't see one around.
          Want to know the funny thing about that?

          Phone Tapping started in the 1950s by the FBI with the whole Red Scare. Ever hear of a fun little thing called ECHELON? That's right while we were complaining about the Soviet police state we were busy setting up our own, and not just the US but Europe was setting up their own systems.

          Scanning of the internet was started under the Clinton Administration as early as 1997 with the CARNIVORE system, for the FBI, no doubt the CIA and NSA had their own systems at that time or even earlier but that's never going to be public record.

          In 2006 use of a phone as a recording device without the individuals knowledge was ruled as acceptable by a judge in a case against one of the mobs.

          There is soon to be a fleet of 30,000 UAVs flying over the US, no doubt armed with Hellfire missiles, and if not they will soon.

          and of course NSA has PRISM going on, and the CIA is building a datacenter just to store all of the data they've been gathering...

          and see this is what bothers me about people who complain about things like the Patriot Act or think that "Oh now this will be the final straw". The Patriot Act and things like the Defense Authorization Act only legalized what they were already doing. It's not like it's suddenly "Oh now it's legal and we can start" no it's "We're already doing this but we want to make a move we could potentially be called on publicly so we better legalize doing this".