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Fluendo Codec Pack 18 Supports GStreamer 1.0

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    Originally posted by eidolon View Post
    I wouldn't be opposed to making a purchase if in part it helps support GStreamer, but according to Wikipedia, "in 2007, most of the core GStreamer developers left Fluendo, including GStreamer maintainer Wim Taymans who went on to co-found Collabora Multimedia together with other GStreamer veterans, while others joined Sun Microsystems, Oblong and Songbird" (source). So how involved is Fluendo in GStreamer these days?
    As far as i can tell from the collabora webpage there are not looking for donations, and make there money from doing consultancy, development and training. they have open vacancies ( ) so they can't be too hard up for cash.


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      Originally posted by mannerov View Post
      Do someone know if their codecs are better than those of vlc or other alternatives. I mean use less cpu or things like that.
      I only use gstreamer/totem for streaming & only because totem has support for xspf playlist files. Otherwise I'd stay clear of gstreamer.

      Use mplayer & ffmpeg. Plays everything I've thrown at it & doesn't suffer stuttering choppy video etc etc etc.

      Maybe I'm naughty, but I can't see any reason to pay some random entity to use audio & video codecs that some other entity claims to own. I don't care where I live, I'm never going to purchase codecs for linux out of fear of running afoul of some law.

      I know this makes no sense but in my muddled mind I think I already paid for codec licenses when I bought my laptop that was installed with windows.


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        Originally posted by eidolon View Post
        So how involved is Fluendo in GStreamer these days?
        Fluendo uses GStreamer for everything they do, so I assume they are quite involved...