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    Originally posted by madbiologist View Post
    But I get your point that at times Ubuntu is behind ...
    In 12.10 they shipped Gnome 3.4 so the base level of other packages needed to be compatible with that Gnome version even though 3.6 was the current Gnome version. I did of course get Gnome via PPAs. My poorly made point was that once they start holding back on any one component, then chances are they have to start holding back on related others. Before you know whole swathes are held back. You can still update some via PPAs but it can quickly get unmanageable.

    This was why I abandoned Gentoo for Ubuntu many years ago (in addition to the unnecessary drama). Newer versions of packages have to be marked as stable, but it kept not happening for various reasons. The simplest one is that marking something as stable took effort and could break something, so inaction was the default. You could go into a file and mark packages as being okay using their "unstable" versions, but my list kept getting longer and longer. They were lagging Gnome releases by over a year. This is still a problem now - with a piece of software I wrote the most recent stable release they have is from 10 months ago, and there have been 6 releases since. I can't even figure out what version of SQLite 3 they consider stable.

    I'm also annoyed that Ubuntu is so opposed to systemd. Virtually every other distro has or is in the process of adopting it. The technical merits are very tangible. Why do I have all these daemons running (eg CUPS/printing) even though I haven't used their functionality? The containerization is excellent for servers so you can stop runaway bad behaviour. And the logging while non-traditional is more solid.