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Splashtop For Linux Claims 10x Performance Advantage

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    Well, i got Splashtop running in Archlinux (and MacOSX) conrolled from my Nexus 7 - it works fantastically well and makes RDP, VNC, NX, etc look like garbage in comparison. (seriously!)

    I think Splashtop shouldn't be hard to setup up on other distro's as well. You originally had to install ubuntu's libSRx264wrapper, but after a few of us were in contact with thier support staff, they decided to include it with Splashtop. The only other big requirement is Network Manager has to be running (otherwise Splashtop will hang). They also seem to be using debian's OpenSSL symbol_versioning patch, for whatever reason (so i ended up patching OpenSSL). Hopefully, they will ditch that downstream patch or just include OpenSSL instead, either one would be good., they just need to release a version that allows me to control my machines, using my Desktop (and not just my tablet).