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Enlightenment 0.17 (E17) Reaches Alpha State

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    Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
    We have like 15 terminal emulators.....! Seriously....!!
    Seriously ? You are lacking imagination. Terminal emulator are not portable, heavy and slow for what they do. Terminology is lighter, faster and yet provide more nice effect. And we have still room for improvement. And remember, writing a terminal emulator took only 1 month of part time development.

    Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
    The right thing for them to do would be to:
    a) work on bugs.
    I kind of dislike when people make this statement as if we don't care about our software. All developer use E from svn with a daily update. That means we care about having a working, stable and fast environment. Stating we need to focus on bug fixing, is king of insulting here, even more as a first point. Look at our trac, we do care about fixing bug.

    Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
    b) polish integration with drivers. Yes, Intel OpenGL composition can be unstable sometimes.
    A driver bug, the only think we can do is report the crash to the upstream project and help them reproduce/fix it, but it has nothing more to do with Enlightenment. We provide a software backend for people to wait until they get a proper OpenGL driver (almost all GPU provider have had issue with compositor on Linux).

    Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
    c) add more nice modules to put on the bar. Maybe not XMMS2 front-end, but tray module, and such mini-trayonly-plasmoids.
    Yes, that's part of the todo in the futur, mainline more module, but that will not be that much time consuming (I don't think we have any plan with xmms2, only mpd as far as I know). Current todo list for E18 is to move to a full compositor manager, integrate Elementary and add more modules.


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      Originally posted by bleubugs View Post
      The NM module is not planned at all. If someone provide a patch, we will accept it of course. And yes, the login manager needs some love, but maybe a front end to lightdm would be enough. As for the theme, I think you didn't check the alpha ;-)
      Yes i was playing around with an older version. I need to create a VM to play around with but this after i get over other problems i have currently (oh how much i am NOT buying intel stuff again ).

      If you wouldn't mind sharing a screenshot i'd appreciate it.

      Once E17 is released i believe that there is going to be more development and new contributors so thing like login manager and NM will probably be solved. But IMO you should offer a native login manager upon release. Its in a way a core part of the desktop.

      Thanks for your work.


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        For Christmas, I'm wishing...
        e-angelic-v3 for e17 default theme


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          Looks like crap to me. Default blackwhite theme like thousand times better, but that's just me. Gawd, tried to compile manually packages and failed Guess i'll have to wait till someone write pkgbuilds for efl 1.7.x libraries and e-alpha.
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            So, i finally installed e-alpha after tweaking few pkgbuilds. First impression? I don't know New theme looks nice, but i'm not a huge fan of that blue color. Tried terminology and i have to say it's so awesome By the way clock if i set it to digital looks out of place in this whole new theme. Overall it feels nice even though it felt nice every time i've tried it. Good job e-devs!


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              The new theme is far better than the B&W. i would have toned down the blue a bit but anyway. Definitely better.

              Any ubuntu repos available??