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Trinity KDE 3.5 Desktop Fork Sees New Release

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    Originally posted by Teho View Post
    That's not entirely true. There's some activity in openSUSE KDE 3.5 mailing lists and developement is being done. At least the packages can be compiled agaist the latest openSUSE release. Pardus still uses KDE 3.5.10 on its enterprise version so it has to get some security fixes if holes are found. Of course both Trinity and KDE 3.5.10 are dead ends in sense that they depend on outdated technologies like Qt 3 and HAL among others and there's no way they are going to be ported to Qt 4 (without breaking the entire desktop environment in the process).
    Pardus is even more dead than KDE 3. All funding halted early this year.
    udisk2 support for KDE3 was developed by the openSUSE-KDE3 maintainer, yes, but no fixes for security flaws or other bugs are being developed because all major enterprise-grade distributions (Debian, RHEL, SLED) switched to 4.x long ago.


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      More evidence that Trinity is incompetent.

      Edit: Also, Plagiarism.

      I think it summarizes nicely what one should expect from this project. I can only recommend everybody to keep away from the junk this project is producing.
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