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E17 Does A Desktop Shootout, The Winner Is....

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    Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
    Hahaha look how shitty gnome shell and unity are. I feel sorry for all the users who drank the kool-aid.
    Why do you feel sorry for me? It works great for me, and it boots pretty much instantly on my modern SSD-backed system. compiz is also using only 100mb out of my 8gb... pretty acceptable.


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      Hmm, strange results. And as he said the test isn't a real one.
      I actually use twm (though it is nearly no use... haha) but it is really small and loads fast. I also use KDE 4 and it doesn't suck so much mem. Also depends on how you compiled things. I'd have to check again but I had really litte memory usage on my fbackup fileserver without X, I ran KDE 3 and 4 on my now dead 512 M RAM laptop and it was actually working. Also had Gnome 2 there which also was running fine.
      Admitted I was always using Gentoo. And not pulling in things I do not consider as good or useful (like all that semantic desktop searching and indexing KDE offers). Compiling things with -Os also seems to help, I did this for my smaller machines.
      Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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        I feel sorry for all the users who drank the kool-aid.


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          anybody?come on baby!