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Enlightenment E17 Is Another Step Closer To Release

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    Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
    89 you can't theme bad aesthetics.

    While I admit that e17 is unbelievably fast and snappy even compared to fluxbox/openbox, looking at it it's like getting aids in the eyes.

    Must have been designed by americans since everything is big and fat, from the windows borders to the buttons.

    let's pick a random theme:

    it's the fonts, the icons, the windows, porca miseria it all looks like a pile of crap

    random openbox theme

    my point = made.
    Bad aesthetics have to do with the people that design them not with the DE. Themes (borders, fonts, wallpapers icons etc etc ) can be changed.

    For example this is rather tasteful.

    And i didn't disagreed on the aesthetics of the default theme which i find sub par for all the goods that E brings.


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      I have just downloaded bodhi linu 2.1 and I'm going to run it

      It's just too bad that they don't ship it with the 'desktop of the week' that you see in their forums but ship with generic themes instead


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        bodhi linux is le suck

        live cd has no firewall (wtf?) and it comes with a very derpy browser. (it said chrome and firefox but comes with mirodi)

        E17 is for derps.

        and that is my verdict