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Digia Buys Out Qt From Nokia

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    Originally posted by necro-lover View Post
    Really strange because: Being stupid,being pro germany and being pro green energy and write this in the off-tropic part of the forum isn't against any forum rule! So you claim that its fine to ban people without any reason (Reason=forum rule) ???
    if you are disruptive enough and piss off enough people - ya, you might get banned, if people kick up enough fuss about it. ..and no i am not claiming anything. I pointed out reality - Q got banned for pissing off many many people, day after day - writing the same non-sense that had nothing to do with Phoronix, tech-news, linux, etc - posting pages of ridiculous pictures and videos and getting all political in threads that had NOTHING to do with anything he was posting about ~ which made it very hard for anyone to have any real discussion about the topic at hand. - kinda like you are doing.

    Originally posted by necro-lover View Post
    How did he pissed of to many people? I just ask because writing in the off tropic part isn't a crime.

    Thats really a "reason" (not really) but maybe they just claimed this without any base of truth ? Also did you know it for sure that Q did not pay for phoronix ? Maybe you should ask Michael about this question.
    Whether or not it is 'a crime' is a moot point. he made it REALLY fucking hard for anyone whom visits these forums to have discussions, interact with developers who may be visiting the forums, etc. - I for one am GLAD he got banned.

    Stop speculating, you obviously weren't around when this was all going on - but I was. He got banned because enough people were sick and tired of him ruining these forums. We asked (Michael) repeatedly to ban him, until he finally did. I am not aware of ANY other Phoronix visitor whom has a thread DEDICATED to getting themselves banned;

    and again, search the forums for his MANY MANY retarded posts. See how many times he derails thread after thread, just being a childish twat.

    anyway, enough of this crap. Hopefully, your next comment in this thread (if any) will be about Digia buying QT - if not (?), maybe it would be a good idea to find something else to do - as some of us are more interested in the QT sale, then we are in discussing things that hold ZERO relevance. ie: don't make your next post about Q - that is just you continuing to 'derail' this thread.

    make sense? thanks