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Debian Now Defaults To Xfce Desktop

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    Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
    Pfff, LXDE offers even less customization than XFCE. At least XFCE can save/load sessions properly. But both have nothing to search on true desktop machine, they are all incomplete trade-offs.
    apt-get install catfish tracker-utils (<- or the engine of your choice).


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      Worried about fitting it onto ONE CD???
      I don't even know where to buy CDR's any more. They're right totally obsolete.

      DVD. Its bigger, and you can still buy them.


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        Any big surface (the ones that sell groceries, car products, house lights, even shoes) here sell both CDR and's where i buy them ....much cheaper than in a PC hardware store.

        (Sorry about bad English)


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          Gnome Zealots ...

          Wow! Did not take long for the abused and angry Gnome Zealot Defenders / Apologizers to jump right in and start whining! I have tried every major version of Gnome 3 and I just do not "get it" for desktop operation. Now interface wise for a tablet I can see it being ok. Thing is, it may be a little heavy for tablets. KDE is trying hard to "get it's mojo" back, but that too is an uphill battle. XFCE is a genuinely good alternative mid-road solution for a lot of use cases.

          I really wish the Gnome haters and the Gnome Whiners would give it a break already! If you like Gnome3 GREAT !!!!!!! USE IT!!!!! .... If you do not care for it, Use Something Else! Personally I do not really care for Gnome3 all that much. Do not really care for Unity either (desktop usage!). XFCE 4.10 has made some solid progress and these days works reasonably well for general desktop usage. There are those of us who still care for *GENERAL* DESKTOP* USAGE* !!!! .... you know...mouse ... keyboard.... monitor...tower ...and 2 browsers open, OOO open for writer and Calc, a terminal open, Xchat open, and some solitaire open just for grins....

          All this Gnome3 hatred from both sides... can't we all just get along?


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            Originally posted by diriel View Post
            can't we all just get along?
            Sure. Then let these crazy discussions stop. Im looking forward the first GNOME-related discussion which doesnt end up dying in "blahblah GNOME is dying because it is a touch interface".


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              This thread is a bit of an overreaction. Current XFCE is very much like 2 years ago gnome 2. The 4.8 release made it a lot more like gnome2 when gnome dropped it, then 4.10 was mostly polish.


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                Originally posted by bug! View Post
                This news is BS. This commit is not in wheezy, only in unstable.
                That's how Debian works... It will filter through to wheezy in about two weeks unless there are issues.


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                  Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
                  @Hamish Wilson
                  Last time I tried XFCE, it offered the worst customization of any DE I've tried, however, that was maybe 3 years ago, so I'm sure it has significantly improved since. I am interested in trying XFCE again, although I don't see it likely replacing my LXDE and KDE setups.
                  Xfce has really improved in that time. However, to be fair, so has LXDE.


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                    LXDE is cool...

                    I used LXDE for a while, it works pretty good. A little sparse at times, but that is a selling point really.


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                      LXDE is pretty awesome IMO (currently using it, so far so good). Then again, if you need more features, Cinnamon would be the desktop to beat (if you want to stick to GTK3+).

                      On the Qt side, I'm looking forward to what Razor-qt has to offer, as it looks very similar to LXDE, yet it's Qt through-and-through. If they make it as stable as LXDE, I'm a convert.