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GNOME & Mono Made Love At Microsoft Last Week

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  • I suppose the discussion had some, well, "not very well put" arguments. The summary as I see it:

    .NET is mostly controlled by Microsoft. They have high stakes in it and own patents covering many parts of the technology.

    It is widely used by Microsoft-educated (some would say "brainwashed" or "bred") developers, and as such, there is much software out there written for it. This means that having a Linux implementation of .NET could help in porting that software to Linux. It also helps people migrating from Microsoft to Linux.

    Most Linux developers don't use .NET. They primarily use Gtk and Qt. So Gnome trying to attract .NET developers doesn't make much sense to me; there aren't many to begin with.

    Microsoft is evil ("open computing and free exchange of information is dead"), so it stands to reason that we should avoid using their core technologies. Linux applications have no reason to be written in .NET. It is dangerous to do so, because patents+evil company smells like disaster ("embrace extend extinguish").

    Microsoft-centric applications have a reason to, so Mono solves the interoperability problem and vendor lock-in for people who, for some reason, can't get away from .NET. Of course this puts them in harm's way by not using the Microsoft implementation of .NET. Maybe they should be informed that using Mono is legally dangerous.

    With all that being said, Gnome's support for .NET is welcome, but it shouldn't use for its own applications. It is dangerous and foolish to do so.

    So a "love" festival for .NET was a really bad idea. There's nothing to love about .NET and who it represents. It *is* a giant middle finger towards conscious Linux users.
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