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VLC 2.0 Twoflower Media Player Released

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    I just wish that they would spruce up the UI a bit. Just redoing the volume slider (by turning it into a line; instead of the triangle) would help A LOT! Also, I wouldn't mind if VLC would use the Free Desktop Specification for icons when using Linux.


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      Ubuntu lovers can directly download vlc 2.0 from software center in Ubuntu 12.04 but for 11.10 you need to add PPA.


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        Originally posted by XorEaxEax View Post
        AFAIK (I don't have a Bluray drive) lxbdplayer together with the lxbdaacs plugin plays encrypted Blurays just fine straight from the disc. Also if you still want to rip them to harddrive then you could (again AFAIK) use dumphd, so there should be no need to 'mess around on windows' unless you want to.
        This lxBDPlayer is just some bundled package consiting of DumpHD, mplayer and makemkv (makemkv for the actual AACS and BD+ decryption). It's all tied together with some Java code.

        My preferred method currently is to use makemkv (in info mode) in combination with dumpVID and aacskeys to get DiscID and VUK of the disc. Paste this information into the KEYDB.cfg and then use mplayer2 (with libbluray support compiled in) for playback. Keep in mind that the DiscID/VUK/KEYDB.cfg steps are a one-time action for a disc.
        In case this doesn't work I use makemkv in streaming mode + mplayer2.