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Unity: Very Intrusive & A Nightmare To Maintain

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    Originally posted by Temar View Post
    Working with the GNOME developers didn't work out too well for Canonical in the past. GNOME suffers from the NIH syndrom and this is just too time consuming in the long run. You can't discuss every little feature to death if you want to get things done. That's probably why Canonical is taking the Android approach now.
    Oh yes, this. Most of the core gnome hackers are @redhat and when the gnome people proposed what is now gnome3 the canonical people really didn't like that and went with unity effectively forking due to the mind set of the red hat people. I really am a unity fanboy. :-)


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      As for me I dislike both Unity and Gnome3 but gnome 3 is even more awkward and can't be adjusted in the very basic things (like font size, etc). However now I really prefer Xubuntu and Lubuntu. They just work and don't try to line me up and command me that I should learn some brand new uber-concepts which seems to have usability problems here and there.

      As for being intrusive, isn't systemd is intrusive as well?