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    Well i replaced it with a 1280x1024 19" tft some years ago, but later i got a 1680x1050 22" tft (sold already) and a 1920x1200 25.5" tft. When you are used to full hd or higher res you definitely never want to use a CRT again.


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      Originally posted by devius View Post
      That's all fine in general, but some configuration options are still needed. E.g. monitor refresh rate configuration. Without that option I have to open a terminal and type "xrandr -r 85" every time I reboot my pc because it always reverts to 60Hz which makes my eyes bleed. Wow, that sure is user firendly! Not everybody is using LCDs and besides that having one extra combo box in there wouldn't ruin the clean interface anyway.
      Monitor refresh rate configuration is not only useful for CRT. I have a LCD monitor and a LCD television attached to my PC. I usually set the TV refresh rate to 24Hz because it's better for watching movies. So I hate it to that they've removed this option.


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        In theory you would not need 24 hz but 24000/1001. But i never used that to watch a movie and i am still happy


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          I will add to the calls for a return of the refresh rate option, since with KMS the default frame rate in games is locked to your refresh rate, and I know it does not really matter when it is over 60, but I would rather it be locked to 75.

          Of course I could always just use lxrandr instead (or just plain old xrandr). But I would prefer to have the setting back.


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            Originally posted by Kano View Post
            When you are used to full hd or higher res you definitely never want to use a CRT again.
            My CRT is 1600x1200 (85Hz although it has enough bandwidth to go up to 92Hz if I had the patience to setup the correct modelines) so the prospect of loosing 120 vertical pixels isn't too attractive as most 24" screens these days are 16:9 instead of the much more useful 16:10 ratio. This CRT can even go up to 2048x1536 but only at 72Hz so not a very pleasant experience. Also, going for a new screen means paying money. As you can see by the other comments I'm not alone in this "bring back configurable refresh rates" quest.