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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Ideas Are Needed

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    I'll say it again for emphasis

    I think there must have been a book-burning party at RedHat HQ. They took all of their books on user interface design and threw them on a bonfire. It's as if the Mac never happened and Tog never wrote his landmark book on UI design. The Fedora 18 installer in any sane universe would be a JOKE, there would be a story in the Onion about it. It could be a textbook example of how to not write a user interface.

    Apparently there is nobody left at RedHat who ever used a Sun machine. Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with a Sun keyboard understands that they put the keys in the right place, and forever after they immediately configure their new computers to have a Sun keyboard layout. It used to take 5 seconds and a few clicks to do this, now it's a terrible mess.