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    Huh, well. I abhore Adobe Flash but sadly too many things still rely on it. Yes, gnash and lightspark are nice things but sadly Adobe continues (like many years b4) to introduce new crap (and security problems) all the time. So the other can only follow.

    But since it runs horrible in 64bit environments I decided to give Gnash another try. Sadly 0.8.9 did not even compile. So back to 0.8.8 which - after unneccessary quarreling about an older slotted boost lib - finally installed. Seems so-so. Some things work, others don't. I just hope some HTML5+ video system will soon be widely spread. Still leaves flash for its core capabilites, moved vector graphics and small (violent ) games.


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      From the terms that you use I infer that you are using Gentoo. If you have several versions of boost installed, then uninstall all but the latest version and run revdep-rebuild. This should at least fix boot related build failures.


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        Yep, I did so. Gnash was just complaining about the existance of boost 1.35. Even though it was not eselect-ed. I used equery d on it and found some packages, but afaik they only need it at compile time. So I kicked the old boost.
        revdep-rebuild -pi did not show up anything.
        Sadly neither Lightspark nor Gnash nor Adobe-flash work at the moment for all content so ... yeah. Neither Seamonkey nor firefox/ff-bin nor konqueror would work completely.

        So I'll have to give it more time or use a 32bit environment.

        Besides, probably flash caused the Windows Catalyst on W32 to give me BSODs. lol. So no flash for me this month.