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Amarok 2.4 Beta 1 Brings A Basket Of Features

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    Originally posted by jbrown96 View Post
    Have you used Amarok in the last year?
    I'm looking at it right now. Going to the top level menu on the left pane shows these categories: "Local Music", "Internet", "Playlists", "Files", and "Podcasts". Stuff in "Local Music" is in a database, but "Files" just draws some type of file browser widget in the entire left panel. It's basically a mini-Dolphin widget. You can browse all your files, without any need to have any sort of database setup.
    This isn't a great picture, but it does show the file browser on the left.

    You really need to try something before you start mindlessly bashing it.
    Here's the full quality:


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      Originally posted by jbrown96 View Post
      You should check out Evil Activities' & Endymion's remix of the Qlimax 2010 anthem.

      Amarok 2.4 looks really nice.


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        Originally posted by KAMiKAZOW View Post
        Am I the only one who dislikes the whole "right-click and add/replace playlist" metaphor?
        It's the most important reason I use Juk. Awkward playlist sorting in Amarok is the other main reason.
        I'd use Songbird but it uses GStreamer which causes nothing but problems. Juk it is for me.