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GNOME 2.30 Released; Farewell To GNOME 2.xx

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    Am I the only one who prefers spatial mode?

    It seems to make more sense and was way cleaner in interface.

    But I will not complain about it too much as its just a simple change to return to spatial mode (which btw all the people complaining about it could also use).


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      Originally posted by RahulSundaram View Post
      GNOME Shell is officially part of the current GNOME release to provide users with a early look and gather feedback.
      A pre-release. Not enabled by default.

      Originally posted by RahulSundaram View Post
      A number of changes in GNOME including the nautilus mode and changes in icons have been made in anticipation of the GNOME Shell change.
      Then apply those changes only when Shell in running. For years Nautilus' brain-dead behavior was defended, but once a new desktop is remotely on the horizon, Nautilus is suddenly changed as if it's not possible to wait for that change until 3.0.
      But whatever. Every distro (IIRC except Fedora) always enabled browser mode by default anyway.

      Originally posted by RahulSundaram View Post
      If you don't like GNOME Shell or your hardware is old, you can continue running the older GNOME Panel which will be a alternative session that will continue to be available.
      As if I'd ever use a DE that can't even place file icons right...
      No thanks. Plasma and Dolphin for me.