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Mac OS X 10.6.2 vs. Ubuntu 10.04 Performance

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    Atime atime atime atime atime

    I'll tell you what's dragging Linux down: ATIME. If we had it Ingo Molnar's way, ATIME would have dissappreaed when compiling. Now, even if noatime is specified in fstab and taken into consideration when mounting the FS, the kernel still spins its wheels thinking it has to write a f*cking timestamp after every single disk access.

    That's what Linux gets for catering to server loonies who can't evolve from using rsync and mutt. And desktop users have to suffer.


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      In fairness, those server loonies *do* fund a big chunk of Linux desktop development...


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        It's a moral victory for Ubuntu, really.

        Snow Leopard's biggest selling point was "Oh hey, we've applied the Rixstep tweaks, and we've tuned performance, and now the whole system is multithreaded and some of it runs on the GPU for extra acceleration".

        Ubuntu 10.04's biggest selling point is "There's no brown anymore, and you can tweet from the desktop" :-)

        The Postgre benchmark is interesting; but Big Iron will often use a database on a raw block device.

        And there's one benchmark between HFS+ and Ext4 that wasn't tested: Time before catastrophic filesystem failure. If my experiences are anything to go by, you're lucky you got through the benchmark without your Mac's filesystem going belly-up ;-)


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          Surely there has to be at least one of the 10,000 or so Linux distributions available that doesn't cater to "server loonies" and concentrates on delivering the best desktop experience?

          Is there something like a Kolivasnix? A Gamerix? If not, why not?


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            Originally posted by Sacha View Post
            Is it weird that I came to the opposite conclusion? I've seen previous benchmarks of Mac OSX vs Ubuntu on here and Mac OSX always won by a clear margin.
            As far as I have seen in the previous benchmarks, always is Ubuntu64 > osx > Ubuntu32.