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KDE Puts Out Software Compilation 4.4 Beta 1

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    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    I think I know what's going on...
    Thanks a lot for your time friend, but I already have qt-4.5.3-r2 installed
    Something else is the problem... something but what?


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      Too bad.

      Maybe something to do with PAM or ConsoleKit (they do manage logins/passwords/rights and stuff). I also don't have either of those installed as I consider them useless for me :P (Being able to get rid of bloat like that is pretty much the reason I use Gentoo.) That would be "-pam -consolekit" in make.conf.
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        Consolekit was required for KDM to work properly. I couldn't even run it without it at first place.


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          Runs fine here without consolekit. Consolekit isn't even installed.

          You just need to make sure everything depending on Consolekit is rebuild after putting "-consolekit" in make.conf. Portage will take care of it automatically if you do "emerge -auDN world". Also, check /etc/portage/package.use; you might have explicitly enabled the USE flag there for some package and forgot about it.

          Same goes for PAM too, btw.


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            I had installed just the core KDE and KDM, to try it a bit before install everything. I couldn't start KDM though till I intalled consolekit and rebuilt again the core KDE with the consolekit flag enabled.
            I don't even have a /etc/portage/package.use file at all