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VirtualBox 3.0 Beta 2 Brings SMP Performance Boosts

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    Originally posted by Thunderbird View Post
    The wine 3d code sun imported is just in their svn repository (see d3d8/d3d9/wined3d at They haven't done anything to our 3D code except for adding a sun license header to it. The libraries make use of all the wined3d to wgl porting I did and have done nothing special themselves except for bundling the dlls.

    It would certainly be nice though if they would free some of their developers to work with us to improve WineD3D. It would help both Wine and VirtualBox a lot.
    OK OK yes you are all right, wasn't thinking, but yes if they make modification, it'd be nice for them to upload it back to Wine as well. Glad someone is keeping an eye on VB's file stores then just in case they forget about submitting any improvements back to the Wine project.