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KDE 4.2 Beta 1 Desktop Released

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    Once it is fully polished it should rock the universe


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      Originally posted by jeffro-tull View Post
      what do you mean by "mouse-button menus"? You mean like right-click context menus? I've been using KDE4 since 3.93, and, to the best of my knowledge, they never went away...
      For KDE3, the effect controlled by Control Center > Desktop > Behyavior > Mouse Button Actions
      (choices are "Application Menu" "Desktop Menu" "Window List Menu") -- the effect is that mouse
      clicks in the root window bring up the corresponding menu: is "context menus" the correct term
      for that? I've had some variation of them in every Linux window manager I've used over the last fourteen years, and frankly the KDE3 ones are the best I've found.

      Because I'm doing extremely-detailed GIS work, I use *large* virtual displays -- 3200x2560, on
      a physical-1920x1200 screen. Having the above-mentioned window and application control "at my fingertips" anywhere on screen is essential to the way I work -- to the point that its absence is a deal-breaker. Having to go a long way to some corner of the virtual screen is not really workable for me.

      I hunted for quite literally hours trying to get that functionality in Mandriva's 4.1.3 and failed utterly on my upgrade last weekend, to the point that I did a no-KDE install (the installation sources only come with KDE4, not KDE3 as an option), and then went back and installed KDE3 "by hand".

      I then went looking at the planning documents for KDE 4.2, and wasn't able to find anything about such mouse-button-activated menus. My question: is this an oversight in the docs, so that I can expect them to work properly in some later edition of KDE4? Or am I out of luck?