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Ubuntu With Linux 3.16 Smashes OS X 10.9.4 On The MacBook Air

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    Originally posted by liam View Post
    The overview as executed by GS isn't great (the way it handles apps is far too basic) but it is a good step to take, nonetheless, imo.
    OK, you've got an incredibly small number of apps installed. My sister's imac has icons that nearly span the screen.
    I honestly can't follow your reasoning, but it's great that you've found an interface that matches your workflow so well, rather than having to adjust YOUR workflow.
    Likewise your sister's workflow doesn't match OS X. Of course there isn't any way that you use that many apps regularly, it's just a matter of removing icons you don't use regularly but some people don't like that. I do. GNOME shell's workflow of either clicking at the top left of the screen or pressing the meta (windows? w/e they call it now) button is plain wrong. You shouldn't have to take two steps (or 3 if you're also switching workspaces if that's your thing) to switch between windows. You should have to do one action to switch between windows, and that's one. Unity as awful as it is in many ways understands that. Xfce gets it. KDE gets it. Fluxbox even gets it. GNOME shell should somehow (ideally cleverly in ways that I'm not smart enough to come up with) provide one-action task management. Additionally, as an end-user, I DO NOT want to use my keyboard for everything. This sounds picky but I can tell you that quite a lot of users feel the same way, and if GNOME shell is trying to appeal to the majority of users they need to address it. It's just too tedious to use. You can install random things like frippery and such to make it *better* but frippery is too ugly and misaligned and stuff. It's not their fault, it's just a side effect of how GNOME shell extensions are done.

    tl;dr It's not that I'm a fan of the dock in itself it's that I'm a fan of one-action (ideally button) task management that doesn't look like ass. So far no Linux DE has figured it out, and so no Linux DE will get a lot of people using it because it's just too tedious. ElementaryOS has it, but that's a shameless OS X almost-clone that is done really, really well.


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      Originally posted by jimbohale View Post
      or pressing the meta (windows? w/e they call it now) button
      These days, the config I usually see is Alt<->Meta and Win<->Super.